Group Therapy


Gratia Plena offers several professionally facilitated weekly support groups for Catholics. These groups are ongoing and open, so that people can join and exit any time they choose. There is usually a small fee for group meetings. Call for more information and share these resources with others at your church, retreats, or ministry groups.

  • St. Joan’s Girls Group (for teenage issues usually offered during the summertime when school is out) start date/time TBA
  • Becoming a Better You Women's Group (for women to address sexual integrity issues of various types, there is a small fee for each group meeting) start date/time TBA

In the past we have offered the following groups:

  • King David’s Men Group (for adult men regarding sexual integrity issues)
  • Loving and Eating Well Group (for adult women regarding food issues)
  • Anxiety Group
  • Women's Empowerment

We are happy to organize other groups when there is a particular topic interest and enough clients to get started.

Contact us with your ideas!

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