Special Events

Classes, Retreats, Days of Reflection, Parish Missions

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Dr. Ken is very happy to help your group or organization.  One possibility is to assist, lead, or help plan retreats, Days of Reflection or Recollection, or parish missions.  He has a wealth of experience with these types of events, particularly with youth and young adult retreats.  He will travel to your parish or designated location for these events, including if they are to be held out of town at a nearby retreat center or other facility.

Another popular option is to offer a “class series” on a particular topic such as “Pornography Addiction” or “The Emotional Consequences of Abortion.”  A class usually involves 3-4 weekly sessions across a month, but could be longer depending on the topic.

He is also willing to be a speaker for your group at a regular meeting.  There are a wide range of topics of interest for presentations to Women’s Clubs, Men’s Fellowships, Adult Education, Youth Groups, and so on.

Dr. Ken can prepare topics and presentations for these events, and is glad to work with you to develop the content for your group.

Please contact Dr. Ken far (months) in advance of these planned events, to discuss his availability, your group’s needs, and the pricing.  A deposit may be required for a portion of the fee.