Education and Prevention

One old and wise saying is "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  With the cost of health care so high today, you would think that prevention should be even more important than ever.  However, we see just the opposite:  prevention is largely seen as a luxury that we can't afford.

An important aspect of our mission at Gratia Plena is to help educate the public about mental health and addiction issues and recovery.  It is hoped that offering this type of service will contribute to preventing some problems, or at least identifying them early so that recovery can begin before things get too bad.

We seek to provide education and prevention through classes or presentations at your church.  Just call (832) 532-0129 and we can plan a presentation together on a topic of your choice.

In addition, Dr. Ken occasionally writes and shares his thoughts for the purpose of education and prevention.  He posts these mini-articles on this website blog, and then shares these posts through social media and email.  The most recent 10 posts are easily accessible through the main page of this website.  Older posts can be found using this link:

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