Our Goals


  • To prevent, reduce, or relieve suffering,working as instruments of the Spirit, so as to enable the people of God to more clearly and actively discern God’s will in their lives and have the strength and ability to carry it out. A special area of emphasis is to bring healing to families and to strengthen marriages...since the family is crucial and central to the strength of individuals as it is to the fabric of the community.
  • To focus on service to the community in humility instead of being distracted by a preoccupation with profit, power, or notoriety (hence the organization being configured as a non-profit entity).
  • To provide a referral resource for priests and deacons, who frequently are the persons chosen for help by individuals or families in need. We are honored to accept referrals from clergy and appreciative of the confidence that they place in us. We are also willing to consult with priests and deacons on any pastoral counseling cases they may encounter in which they would like guidance.
  • To provide a referral resource for Catholic organizations and businesses, especially Catholic nonprofits and schools.
  • To encourage and support thepersonal growth of the organization’s counselors in competence and expertise in their profession/vocation, but also personally in all aspects of what it means to be human: mental, spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical.
  • To provide services of high quality that whenever possible are evidence-based and recognized as best practices, and to track and monitor outcomes for the purpose of improving results over time.
  • To encourage Catholic high schools and universities to identify, educate, train, graduate, and develop students who can effectively serve as Gratia Plena counselors.
  • While focused on service to Catholics, in the long tradition of Catholic health care, the organization will accept clients who are not Catholic and may not even be Christian. Through informed consent all clients will be clear from the outset about the values and belief system of the Catholic counselors at Gratia Plena.
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