Human relationships are powerful. They hold the potential to be healing and life-giving when they are at their best. This is sometimes spiritual and mysterious. However, relationships can also be confusing and painful, with the possibility of leaving deep wounds.

Gratia Plena provides therapy for couples, whether engaged (or discerning engagement) and preparing for marriage, or for those couples who are married. Couples might seek counseling to enhance their relationship. Other times couples find difficulty in communication or in other areas such as intimacy or managing finances. Infidelity or pornography use are common concerns that can interfere with healthy relationships and threaten to end them. We have helped couples through all of these types of challenges.

A therapist can serve as a neutral third party to provide input that the couple might consider. Teaching good communication skills and the process of forgiveness are common aspects of the couples therapy that we provide. We encourage couples to see help sooner than later. A strong marriage is the basis for a healthy family life.

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