Our Mission

“The mission of Gratia Plena is
to provide mental and spiritual health services to address
mental illness, addiction, marriage/family problems and the spiritual distress that often accompanies them in a manner which is faithful to the teachings, values, and traditions of the Catholic Church.”

"Nuestra misión es brindar asesoría que es fiel a las enseñanzas, valores y tradiciones de la Iglesia Católica."

"Sứ vụ của chúng tôi là cung cấp sự cố vấn trung thực với các giáo huấn, giá trị, và truyền thống của Giáo Hội Công Giáo."


Catholics who care about their faith may want to choose for themselves or their families a counselor who is a Catholic who is participating in the sacramental life of the Church and who is faithful to Church teaching. Some secular counselors while competent may pose, because of their worldly values, a spiritual danger to the Catholics they serve.

Los católicos que se preocupan por su fe puede querer elegir por sí mismos o a sus familias un asesor que es un católico que está participando en la vida sacramental de la iglesia y que es fiel al magisterio de la iglesia. Algunos consejeros seculares, mientras competente podrá suponer, debido a sus valores del mundo, un peligro espiritual para los católicos que sirven.

Mission San Diego

Người Công Giáo nào có để ý đến đức tin thì họ có thể chọn cho chính mình hay gia đình một người cố vấn là Công Giáo tốt lành, có đời sống bí tích và trung thành với giáo huấn. Một số cố vấn ngoài đời, tuy giỏi nhưng có thể là mối nguy hiểm cho người Công Giáo mà họ phục vụ vì quan điểm của họ về các giá trị trần tục.

If you have medical records or test reports from previous mental health treatment, please bring these with you to the office. These documents may be helpful as part of the evaluation. Sometimes family members or friends can also provide information as part of the assessment process.

At the end of the evaluation, Gratia Plena staff will provide feedback. The feedback may or may not indicate a need for treatment. If treatment is indicated, the options will be discussed with you. This will include the advantages and disadvantages of each option. It is possible that one or more referrals will be made. If you choose to begin treatment
at Gratia Plena, your service provider will work with you to develop a Personal Change Plan, sometimes called a “treatment plan.”


While there are faithful Catholic counselors in individual or small group practice in various locations around the community, they may not be publicly identifiable as Catholic counselors (an exception are those therapists listed on the Catholic Therapists web site). Often it is the only local priest or deacon who knows of them and has come to trust their work and their faith. Only the local ordinary has the authority to declare an organization truly Catholic. Clergy and the broader worship community therefore need a counseling organization that is distinctively Catholic: one in which they can place their confidence. I honor and respect the service of those many faithful Catholic counselors in individual and small group practice. I am not intending to compete with them but to join with them in service to the community.

Catholic Charities has for many years offered counseling services for individuals and families in need, along with the other services they provide. Their central stated mission is to reduce poverty. In the United States, they are often the only publicly identifiable Catholic organization in the local community that offers counseling. I applaud the outstanding work that they do. Gratia Plena is not designed to compete with them in any way, but to help relieve some of the burden that they experience in the community as the main identifiable Catholic organization providing counseling.

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