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Recovery Coaching

by Dr. Ken Buckle Here are some of the basic points and highlights based on what I learned in San Antonio last month.  If you think you may qualify and would like to support someone else’s recovery (and your own) by volunteering as a Recovery Coach, contact me by phone or email about becoming trained. …

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Why Do We Shy Away?

by Dr. Ken Buckle I’ll admit right from the start that I certainly don’t have all of the answers on this topic.  I’m hoping that if I throw some ideas out there for consideration, somebody will have some good thoughts to add so that we can all learn together.  You can add your comments on …

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It’s Good to Share

As I observe the growth of my young granddaughter, it is interesting to see how and when she is willing to take turns or share with a school mate or cousin her toys and books and other things.  This ability shifts and changes during early childhood.  One reason for the difficulty with sharing and taking …

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The Firm Foundation

Written by Dr. Ken Buckle for Maggie’s Place Alumni Moms Given on April 8, 2012, Easter Sunday HOUSTON—Here we are at the final article in this 5-part series!  In previous articles we have examined the theory of change described by Drs. James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente.  Their first four stages were:  (1) “Precontemplation” which represents …

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The Project

(a mostly fictional short story by Ken Buckle) Holy Week, 2012   Nicodemus, sitting next to Joseph of Arimathea during the meeting of the religious council, leaned over and told his friend that they needed to talk later.  In the courtyard, Nicodemus described to Joseph an event many years previous, when three travelers had stopped …

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