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Physical Wellness

In the last article called “The Depths of the Well…ness” this series was first introduced.  To review, wellness boils down to the idea that there is a lot going on with us human beings.  In order to be considered healthy in a way that most people would agree, we would need to look at all …

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Modern Day Marginalization

During the time that Jesus walked the Earth in a human body about 2000 years ago there were some groups that were marginalized.  This means that they were pushed out and away from the usual social activities of the day.  It meant that they didn’t have power and they likely experienced discrimination.  I think of …

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Grief and Loss

Each year since the terrorist attacks of 2001, September 11th is a day when Americans remember the tragic events of that time with a heavy heart.  We grieve over the death of loved ones, but we also mourn losses we consider to be untimely even if we don’t know the person intimately.  There are actually …

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